The Lynchburg Menu

Hello and welcome to our new Lynchburg Menu web page! We are always excited for this publication’s annual release, but this year we’re doing something really special for our readers. We want to reward you for taking the time to vote for Lynchburg’s best restaurants and eateries – you could win $250 for a night out on the town!

Click on the Lynchburg Menu cover photo below to head to the form and start voting for your favorite places to eat in Lynchburg, VA!


2 responses to “The Lynchburg Menu

  1. Suzaku Cafe is not listed here. Is this legit? I love Suzaku, but can’t find it listed here. I feel this is rigged.
    ~Patrick Andrews

    • Patrick, nope definitely not rigged! I have added them to our blog list on the side – they just got missed in the initial listing since there were so many – and they are listed in a few categories as of our mid-ballot counts, but as I didn’t want to list all 40, they just haven’t topped yet in the categories I listed. If you haven’t voted for them yet, make sure to go do so!

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