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Week 2: Best of Lynchburg Dining Awards, part 2

Best Chinese
Platinum: King’s Island Restaurant
Gold: China Royal

Best Italian
Platinum: Isabella’s Italian Trattoria
Gold: La Villa
Silver: Mangia

Best BBQ
Platinum: The Silver Pig Barbecue
Gold: Pok-E-Joe’s
Silver: Ranch Road BBQ

Best Ribs
Platinum: The Depot Grille
Gold (tie): Pok-E-Joe’s, Texas Roadhouse

Best Seafood
Platinum: Blue Marlin Seafood
Gold: Shoemakers American Grille
Silver: Harbor Inn Seafood

“Best of Lynchburg Dining” Awards – Mid-Ballot Results

We’re tallying up votes as they continue to roll in and to celebrate the great response we’ve had, we want to share our mid-ballot results from a few categories! We’ve had terrific response with over 5,000 individual votes! We’re sharing a handful of the winners – at least for now! – but with over 40 categories, there are plenty of ways to show off the best dishes in Lynchburg and Bedford. Did your favorite eatery make the list? Read on to find out!

Dining Card FlyerClick on the poster above to go vote for your favorite restaurants!

Voting will continue until Sunday, January 20th, so voters, you can still try to get your favorite places at the top of the list. Restaurants, don’t see your name on this list or going straight for the top Platinum? Remind your patrons and Facebook fans to go vote for you and let them know they could win a $250 Night on the Town, complete with a snazzy limo ride!

Best Overall Dining
1. Robin Alexander
2. Neighbor’s Place
3. TIE: Shoemakers + Thai99

Best New Restaurant in Lynchburg
1. Wasabi
2. Blue Orchid
3. Robin Alexander

Best Hotel Restaurant
1. Shoemakers
2. Waterstone

Best Downtown Restaurant
1. Robin Alexander
2. Depot Grille
3. Waterstone

Best Live Entertainment
1. Stoney Badger
2. Robin Alexander
3. TIE: Neighbors Place + Phase 2