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Week 4: Best of Lynchburg Dining Awards, part 2

Best Appetizers
Platinum: Shoemakers American Grille
Gold: Mangia
Silver: Waterstone Pizza

Best Desserts
Platinum: Shoemakers American Grille
Gold: Main St. Eatery and Catering Co.
Silver: The Neighbors Place

Best Wine List
Platinum: Shoemakers American Grille
Gold: Isabella’s Italian Trattoria
Silver: The Crown Sterling

Best Local Craft Beer
Platinum: Waterstone Pizza
Gold: Rivermont Pizza
Silver: Jefferson Street Brewery

Best Cocktails
Platinum: Robin Alexander
Gold: Shoemakers American Grille
Silver: The Neighbors Place

Best of Lynchburg Dining Awards CLOSED

First of all, THANK YOU so much to everyone who voted for their favorite restaurants, helped spread the word, and are checking back to support their friends and neighbors. This is a quick note to let you know that voting is now closed for the 2013 Best of Lynchburg Dining Awards. We are currently counting out the votes to see who our winners are – we’re excited to see who will win Platinum, Gold, and Silver, all thanks to YOU! Over the next several weeks we will release the winners and of course encourage all of you to pick up a free issue of our menu guide when it hits newsstands in May. You’ll be able to see a full list as well as check out the great places your area has to offer. Now who’s ready for lunch?!