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Week 5: Best of Lynchburg Dining Award Winners, part 2

Here it is, our final winners in the Best of Lynchburg 2013 Dining Awards! You voted for the winners and here are the best of the best! Our “Best Overall Restaurant” winner will be announced in the print issue of the Lynchburg Menu, out May 2013.

Best New Restaurant in Lynchburg
Platinum: Wasabi Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi Bar
Gold: Chipotle
Silver: Blue Orchid Thai Restaurant

Best Downtown Restaurant
Platinum: Shoemakers American Grille
Gold: Waterstone Pizza
Silver: Robin Alexander

Top Chef (please list restaurant and chef’s name)
Platinum: Roger Murphy at Shoemakers American Grille
Gold: Alex Richardson at Robin Alexander
Silver: Sean Meeks at Isabella’s Italian Trattoria

Best to See & Be Seen
Platinum: The Neighbors Place
Gold: Waterstone Pizza
Silver: Shoemakers American Grille


Week 3: Best of Lynchburg Dining Awards, part 2

Best Traditional Virginia Food
Platinum: The Crown Sterling
Gold: Market at Main
Silver (tie): Country Kitchen, Benjamin’s Restaurant

Best for Talking Business
Platinum: Shoemakers American Grille
Gold: The Neighbors Place
Silver: Robin Alexander

Best Kids Menu
Platinum: The Depot Grille
Gold: Waterstone Pizza
Silver: The Neighbors Place

Best Happy Hour Deals
Platinum: Mangia
Gold (tie): The Neighbors Place, Shoemakers American Grille

Best Comfort Food
Platinum: Country Kitchen
Gold: Market at Main
Silver: Thai ’99 Restaurant

Week 2: Best of Lynchburg Dining Awards, part 2

Best Chinese
Platinum: King’s Island Restaurant
Gold: China Royal

Best Italian
Platinum: Isabella’s Italian Trattoria
Gold: La Villa
Silver: Mangia

Best BBQ
Platinum: The Silver Pig Barbecue
Gold: Pok-E-Joe’s
Silver: Ranch Road BBQ

Best Ribs
Platinum: The Depot Grille
Gold (tie): Pok-E-Joe’s, Texas Roadhouse

Best Seafood
Platinum: Blue Marlin Seafood
Gold: Shoemakers American Grille
Silver: Harbor Inn Seafood

Week 2: Best of Lynchburg Dining Awards, part 1

Best Local Pizza
Platinum: Waterstone Pizza
Gold: Rivermont Pizza
Silver: La Villa

Best Local Subs & Sandwiches
Platinum: Yellow Submarine
Gold: Jersey Mike’s Subs
Silver: Catalano’s Delicatessen

Best Hotdogs
Platinum: Weenie Stand No. 1
Gold: Moore’s Country Store
Silver: Dave’s Doghouse

Best Local Hamburgers
Platinum: Cavalier Restaurant
Gold (tie): Pok-E-Joe’s, Robin Alexander

Best Local Steak House
Platinum: Shoemakers American Grille
Gold: The Crown Sterling
Silver: New London Steak House